Deporte1The Municipal Sports Council of Huarte, is the entity related to the City Council that manages the sports in the village.The main objective is to promote the sport and the physical activities in Huarte as a way to get a healthy lifestyle, fostering the social relation in the village, at the same time. For that, it offers you a big range of physical and sport activities carried in the establishments that it manages.

The sport and physical activities not only help you to keep you fit and making your lifestyle healthier, but also you could make new friendships in the village through the spor activities. The Sport Council also supports the formation of sport clubs or groups, friends´ collectives from 14th-15th years on that compete in the sport modality that they like. In Huarte there are twelve sport clubs-groups that would like to know you.


The Sport Council offers a huge schedule of sport activities, most of them developed from October to May, and they are divided in age- blocks:

Pre-sportive games (4 and 5 years old)

Sportive schools (from 6 to 14 years old):

football, handball, Pelota, Eurhythmics, Wheeled Multisports, Athletics, Archery, Batudanzz, Triathlon, Karate and Remonte (a special modality of the Pelota using special tools)

Activities for people over 14: Keep-fit activity, Pilates, Aerobics, Zumba, Yoga, GAP, Latin Dance, Water Aerobics, Spinning, Functional Training, Tonofit, Trx.

Activities for Senior Citizens (from 55 years old on): therapeutic gymnastics and physical exercise.

From October to June there are also swimming course for all ages and levels.

In summer a huge sport program is carried in the public swimming pool with, swimming and triathlon courses, and variety of games, workshops and contests.

The Sport council carries also punctual activities for everyone in the village such as: The Bike Day, The Triathlon of Huarte, The Ice- Skating Day, The Sport Week, etc. IT IS NOT NECESSARY you to have the residence permission or the registration certificate to take part in the activities.


Ugarrandia Sport Facilities: With outdoor and indoor swimming pools, indoor large Pelota court and outdoor small Pelota court, sport center, turf football field, fitness room, multipurpose varied rooms, Finnish sauna and Steam Bath, green zone, picnic area, and children playground.

Areta Sports Zone: artificial turf football field, tennis court, Basketball Court, skatepark and outdoor apparatus track.

TOKI-ALAI Pelota court

The only ice rink in Navarre offering a wide range of activities for all ages: free skating sessions, skating classes, hockey and figure skating; intensive courses; birthday celebrations.
Address and contact: Calle Itaroburua, 5 (next to the Itaroa Shopping Centre), 31620, Huarte. Phone no 948337651,
Open every day from September to May.

HUARTE ITAROA SPA & SPORT: Sports centre with fitness, cardio and free weights rooms. Wide variety of supervised activities. In addition, the centre has a spa with heated indoor and outdoor pools; 4 pools with different properties (polar, salty, warm and sensations), Turkish bath, thermal and water beds, as well as different shower types.

Cosmetic service with a wide range of treatments: relaxing massage (delicatessen, oriental, aromatic), aesthetic massage (cellulite reducing, draining, firming), appliances, manicures and pedicures.
Address and contact: Calle Itaroburua, 5, (next to the Itaroa Shopping Centre), 31620, Huarte. Phone no 948357742,
Open every day, all year round.

If you want to consult the use and rent possibilities of the different installations get in touch with the Sport council.


Here you have a detailed list of all the sport clubs and groups in the village. If you want to get in touch with them, call to the Sport council and we will refer you to them.

Uharte Eskubaloi Taldea Handball Club

(Male and female Handball)

Huarte Basketball: Basket Male Senior Cathegory.

Itaroa Huarte Sport Club: Football.

Huarco-Uharku School Club: Archery.

Uharte Ipar Ski Taldea: Cross-country skiing.

Huarte Pelotazale Club: there are two sections, Pelota and Remonte.

Club ciclista Huarte – Huarte Biking club 

Hiru Herri Athletics Groups: Athletics (involves the villages of Huarte, Villava and Burlada).

Ice Club Huarte. There are two sections: hockey and figure skating

Club Ritmica Huarte: Eurhythmics.

Huarte Karate School Club: Karate.

Mountain Group of Huarte: Mountain trips with different difficulties levels according to the season and area.

Municipal Sport Council (Sport Center)

(in the Ugarrandia sport facilities)

Office Hours: from Monday to Fryday 9:00-14:00

Address: UgarrandIa avenue, 2 Huarte

Telephone: 948 33 19 01 Fax: 948 33 20 01