This is the place for youngster of the village. Managed by the village, it pretends to help with the needs of Young people, facilitate their personal development and get their participation and implication in the social life of the village, contributing the youth associations.

Directed specially to youngsters between 12 and 30, in the Youth Site youngster of different ages, origins, cultures, beliefs and ideologies coexist, that’s why you will see how we organized all kind of activities.
Monthly Trips: skiing, Por Aventura, San Sebastian, Nafarroa Oinez etc…
Courses and Workshops: theater, leisure and free time monitor, dance, crafts and others.
Preventive Programs: about sexuality, responsible consume, “Voy y Vengo” bus services, violence prevention etc.
Contests and championships, young art events, graffiti, concerts, creative leisure
workshops etc.
Summer camps and European Projects collaborating with young associations and groups of Huarte (exchanges, group initiatives, European Volunteering Service…)

And, should you need them, we’ve set up two new programmes: Gazte Psikoasesoria
(employment guidance that is anonymous, confidential and free) and the Ikasgiro programme (to help you study and give you guidance).

Furthermore, the site is the Youth Information Office, where you can find assistance and information about all the topics that worry or interest you as a youngster (or Youth association), and there is a computer room for you to use it with 4 computers.

You will find a place for encounters between different crews, with games and loan of didactic material.
You can access to room cession service so that you can develop the activities you like (rehearsals, meetings…).
And finally, if you want, we will approach you to the different works developed by the
different collectives and associations of the village: Ekhi, Piztu, Takarika Tun batukada and
Munduko Argia, Pil-pilean young feminists, Eraiki group of friends, Elektropikala elektrotxaranga, Lubaki and Sin Etiqueta music groups, Burubako young theatre group or Cantamañanas artistic collective.

For further information:


Opening hours in winter:
from Monday to Thursday 17:00-21:00
Fridays, labor days before holidays, Sundays and holidays: 17:00-22:00
Saturday: 11:00-13:30 and 17:00-22:00
Opening hours in summer: (from the 15th of June until the end of the Festival)
From Monday to Friday and Sundays: 18:00-22:00 Saturday: 11:00-13:30 and 18:00-22:00
And for whatever you need, The Youth Technician can also attend you
from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 14:00, in mornings at the site.

Address: Leandro Azcárate, 1 –
CP 31620 Huarte (NAVARRA)
Telephone: 948 33 34 31 / 629977030
In addition, if you live in Huarte, or if you ask for it, you will receive on your mailbox every month, the agenda with all the youth and cultural activities of Huarte.
Or you can look for us on the social networks and yoy will see everything we carry on.

If you want to access all the information about youth, click on HERE