Public health

In Huarte there is a Health Center where you can go every time you need medical attention.
The health system is public; every person has the right to use its services.
To have the right for medical attention in Navarra there are some requirements that must be fulfilled.
You can get information about it at the Health Center of your locality. In addition, if you are
starting a job, you must have an affiliation number to Social Security that will be given to you
by the employing enterprise or the Social
Security (office in Pamplona, Tf: 948 28 94 00 – Yanguas y Miranda, 23-25).

Services offered at the Health Center of Huarte:

General Medicine

Nursery Consultant


Social Work

Other health services:

Sexual and Reproductive Health Centre (CASSYR): centralized in Burlada, you will
be referred there from the Health Center of Huarte. Specifically created for youngsters
under 23, the CASSYR Andraize (in Chantrea) has an Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare
Services and Guidance “Youth Program”. It offers hours of opening exclusive for them,
and an appointment is not required. (Tel.: 848 42 27 61 o 848 42 27 62).

Hours of opening of the Health Center of Huarte:

From Monday to Friday from 8:00h to 14:00h It is indispensable to arrange an appointment
to be attended, either by telephone (948 33 50 33) or directly going to the Health Center.
Accidents and Emergency: for emergencies at morning hours from Monday to Friday you
must call to the telephone number 948 33 50 80. Emergencies are also attended from
Monday to Friday from 15:00h to 8:00h of the next day and Saturday and Sundays all day
long, 24 hours. To be attended you must phone to 112

EMERGENCIES´ TELEPHONE: 112 (Emergencies, Ambulances, Firemen, Foral Policemen, Civil Protection…)


People who apply for a job can be inscribed to look after dependent people (minors and
adults), and information is also given to families needing someone to look after relatives. The
Health Center only administers and informs about the employment bureau, but they don’t
take the responsibility for the legal aspects (contract, wage, schedules, etc…)
For further information, please arrange an appointment with the Social Worker at the
Health Center

HUARTE´S Health Center

Address: Zarraondoa, s/n

Telephone: 948 33 50 33