The Basque Service started working in Huarte in December of 1989. It is a Linguistic Normalization Service sent to all the people living in Huarte.
All the campaigns and activities carried from the Basque Service have the goal of promoting
and normalizing the Basque language. Among all of them, some must be pointed, such as:

  • Basque language Transmission Campaign, which objective is the new generations to learn Basque, and for that, families are sent diverse material to be used in their familiar environment.
  • Campaign for the registration on D teaching model, in Basque, which objective is the children to learn Basque since an early age.
  • Leisure activities for children, such as the Xamarikorekin Jolasean and Bertsolaritza
    irakaskuntzan programmes taking place at the Virgen Blanca Public School and in summer
  • The Children’s Story Contest. OIHANA sariak.
  • A catalogue of products in Basque.
  • Intermunicipal magazine “Ze Berri?”.
  • The “Business in Basque” campaign which aims to promote the use of the Basque
    language in business
  • Campaign for the registration in Basque teaching, to encourage the adults to learn
    Basque language.
  • The Day of Basque.

In addition, The Basque Service offers you the following services:

  • Linguistic assistance. Citizen Service to facilitate the management of administration procedures in Basque or topics related to socio-linguistics.
  • Management of subsidies for “basquification”- literacy for adult people registered in Huarte.
  • Information about place names and bilingual denomination of streets, squares and places around the village, and their proper spelling as well.
  • Information to register first names and last names in the Registry Office.

Opening hours:
From Monday to Friday, from 8:30 to 14:00.
Address: City Hall. San Juan Square, 1 – 1o
CP 31620 Huarte (NAVARRA)
Telephone: 948 33 10 53

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