Interesting Entities


The Basque academy (or “euskaltegi”) is a Basque teaching center for adults from the Government of Navarra. Here we have Basque lesson along the years, for all levels and in diverse modalities (in-person lessons, half-in-person lessons, and self-learning) and timetables (morning, afternoon or both), and
also specific courses to improve oral skills, lessons for parents… and in September there
are special lesson of grammar, speaking, EGA exams preparation…
Address: Mokarte Park, unnumbered
CP 31620 Huarte (NAVARRA)
Telephone: 948 36 10 91


Information and orientation. Consult and loans: books, videos, CDs, DVDs and magazines Newspaper and periodicals library: Magazines and newspapers.
Access to the internet for all ages
Baby Library: A place for children under the age of 6 (always accompanied by an adult) to enjoy the books
Study Room
Hours of attention: From Monday to Friday 15:00-21:00 (from October to June) and 8:00-14:00 (from June to September)
Address: Virgen Blanca, 2 – 1st floor
CP 31620 Huarte (NAVARRA)
Telephone: 948 33 50 43


A meeting place for our elderlies. Bar and offices. Trips, talks, championships, handicrafts… are also carried here.
Address: Virgen Blanca, 2 – ground floor (entrance through San Juan Square) –
CP 31620 Huarte (NAVARRA)
Telephone: 948 33 37 12


The Huarte Contemporary Art Center (HCAC) is a service place that carries mediation between contemporary culture and the society to which has a duty to, and every person has the chance to project his or her cultural interests. Its art integration point of view means that the activities program developed in the center goes from plastic and audiovisual arts to dramatic and stage arts, music, literature, design and all the artistic languages coexisting today.
Address: Calvario, 2 – CP 31620 Huarte
Telephone: 948 36 14 57


For the last 45 years, Asociación Navarra Nuevo Futuro (ANNF) has been defending and promoting the rights of children and young people. ANNF has been managing for the Government of Navarra, 9 Functional Homes and a support service for post- adoptive and foster families (Safaya). We also implement socio-educational projects in Navarra and in other countries through International Cooperation programmes.
We would highlight the following lines of action, focussing on Rights: Education for the Development/Global Citizenship, Intensive pedagogy, Street Education, Youth Activation and Emancipation, “Between the school and the street” and the development of local and international networks. At present, our social and educational innovation Laboratory allows us to design, develop and systematise methodologies that are then shared with the territory. In Huarte, we perform community
actions: Mobileschool – Street education, Pasarelas programme for youth activation, etc.
Address: Ugarrandia avenue 8 ground floor – CP 31620 Huarte
Telephone: 948 19 85 03


ALPA DAY CENTRE, is a Gerontology Therapy Centre to support the family and its environment which, on an outpatient basis, provides comprehensive and specialist care to dependent or senior citizens, based on the values of cooperation, participation, empathy, warmth, social responsibility and innovation.
Services offered: different programmes and talks, family mediation, family assistance, cardio-protected area, physical activity (Siel Bleu) and other activities and therapies.
Opening hours: winter 09:00 to 18:00 and summer from 09:00 to 19:00.
Address: Ugarrandia avenue , 6 ground floor – 31620 Huarte.
Telephone: 948 11 81 96 / 662 533 077
E-mail Correo electrónico:


It promotes the relaunch of this sport as a vernacular modality of Pelota in Navarra, especially in its amateur variety. Among its initiatives we can find the creation of Remonte schools in different villages all around Navarra, in collaboration and coordination with City Councils, schools and Pelota clubs; the organization of Remonte festivals in the villages where schools are going to be created; formation courses for Remonte monitors; the organization of all kind of sport and cultural activities in the EUSKAL JAI BERRI Pelota court.
Address: Itaroa, 3 – ground floor
CP 31620 Huarte (next to Itaroa Commercial Center).
Telephone: 620 24 18 51
Fax: 948 36 14 70


This is a global centre directed at families, youngsters, veterans, and anyone interested in getting into the world of tennis and paddle. A circle which combines leisure, formal sports education, social sport, school support, wheelchair tennis and technified training.
The facilities offer three tennis courts and three paddle courts.
Address Ugarrandia avenue, 2 – 31620 Huarte (Interior view of the Ugarrandia sports facilities)
Telephone: 610636006
E- mail :