Huarte / Uharte



Population to January 1, 2015: 6.782 inhabitants

Surface area: 3,7/km²

Population density: 1.838 inhabitants/Km².

Altitude: 440 meters at the city center

The Brotherhood Festival: The Saturday before the 3rd Monday of September

Patron Saint´s Day: 27th of December

Communications: Located in the confluence between the PA-30 East ring road, the NA- 150 Pamplona-Aoiz-Lumbier secondary road and the N-135 Pamplona-France highway, through Luzaide/Valcarlos.

Distance to several cities: Pamplona: 5,6 km; Vitoria/Gazteiz: 98km; Donostia/San Sebastián: 97 Km; Bilbao: 150 Km, Zaragoza: 190 Km; Baiona: 150 Km.

Public transport: There is a public service of buses (we call them villavesa), that make the route Barañain-Pamplona-Burlada-Villava-Huarte and then the other way back. Their approximate frequency along the year is 12 minutes on labor days and 20 minutes on holidays.

Geography: Huarte is located in the central area of Navarra, specifically in the basin of Pamplona, at the North-East of the provincial capital. At North it borders with the valleys of Esteribar and Ezcabarte, at East and South with the valley of Egües and at West with the villages of Villava and Burlada.



Nowadays many languages are spoken in Huarte. In this globalized society, Spanish, Basque, French, English, Romanian, Russian, Wolof, Arabic, Aimara… are communicational tools between the families in Huarte, and a huge cultural richness for our village.

Right now, Huarte has two languages of its own: Spanish and Basque.

The Spanish is the most used language in the village. You will hear it and learn it everywhere. Anyway, if someone in your environment had difficulties to understand or express in a spoken or written way, just get in touch with the Social Services (3rd floor in the City Hall), and there you will find information about where you can get free lessons of Spanish.

Basque is the vernacular language, nevertheless the discrimination against it in education, administration, the media, etc. turned it into a minority. But that doesn´t mean it is less than the other. The City Council has carried, and still carries great efforts to promote the Basque and to offer the people who speak it the same linguistic rights.

A big part of the population believes that the Basque language can be and must be recovered. There are many families that register their children in the Basque educational model (both at the Municipal Pre-School and at the Virgen Blanca Public School, the registration in the Basque models is around the 70%). In addition, some adult people fancy learning Basque language (joining the public Basque academy Zubiarte or other institutions). Children also have more and more chances to use Basque language out of the school: the toy library, workshops, television, theatres, movies.




The City Council is the agency that administrates the interests of our village.

As an inhabitant of Huarte, the City Hall offers you several services in different areas, described along this guide (Culture, Sports, Social Services, Youth, etc.)

Apart from that, there are many procedures you can carry personally or by phone in our offices:

Apply for Cadaster and Municipal Census of Inhabitants certificates, Residence certificates, coexistence certificates, traffic receipts duplicates, Taxes for Economical Activities (TEA) etc.

INFORMATION: about services, files proceedings, ordinances, taxes, grants and courses vacancies, public tenders, job vacancies, agenda, etc.


Many of these tasks can also be done by phoning the Service Desk on 948 012 012 INFOLOCAL. The cost of a call from a landline will be the same as a local call; if you have a flat rate, the call is free.

This service also allows you to register in courses and buy tickets according to the City Council´s agenda. Besides, non-municipal information is offered for procedures with basic supply enterprises such as telephone, gas, electricity and water, procedures with the Government of Navarra; Medical, Educational, Transport and Leisure services and centers, associations, etc.

In addition, the City Council has set off two new services that you can use for your comfort:

The Electronic Headquarter: to execute several procedures and data consultation. For some of these procedures or consultations you may be required of an activated Citizen Card. It can be activated in the General Offices of the City Council from 8:30h to 14:00h.

The Electronic Registry: to bring documents before the Registry by internet, not being necessary to go personally to the General Registry of the City Council. For this procedure is necessary to have the Electronic Identity Card or a valid and indebt digital certificate.

You can access to these two new services by the City Council´s web page


Address: 1st San Juan Square

CP 31620 Huarte (NAVARRA)

Telephone: 948 33 07 61 Fax 948 33 19 13






The municipal census is the administrational register where all the inhabitants that usually live in the village appear. Your data prove your residence in the village. According to the law, every person has the obligation to be registered in the city or village in which he or she resides.


The registration will be the document that will prove the time of permanence in the village, regardless of your nationality or legal situation, which means, whether you have or not residence or even if it is process. The registration on the census proves that you are an inhabitant of that village. To execute the registration you will need to establish a residence, but it isn´t necessary you to own it, it can be a rent house, or a relative´s or friend´s house (with the signed authorization of the owner of the house).

It is advisable to do the registration as soon as you move from another country. The inscription is done in the City Hall. Come by and we will explain you with detail the documentation required.

It is a really simple procedure, and you will be asked for this document to:

Apply for regularization or both work and residence license, request of the card for medical care, it will be demanded to make the exchange of the driving license, in case of your birth country having an agreement with Spain.

It is indispensable to make the school inscriptions for your children and every other necessary procedure for foreigners.

One of the main reasons to make the inscription in the municipal census is that this inscription is the prove of settling to get the permanent documents and also to get to the municipal benefits, such as social assistance.

Don´t forget to discharge yourself in case of changing your residence country or going back to your country, by going the City Hall.


If you are in an irregular situation, don´t be afraid to register in the City Council of your village or town. The census is a register of the people residing in a municipal area and therefore it isn´t a way of controlling the legal situation of the people living in that village.


Address: 1st San Juan Square

CP 31620 Huarte (NAVARRA)

Telephone: 948 33 07 61 Fax 948 33 19 13