The Huarte Town Council equality service promotes, designs, plans, manages and assesses the municipal public policies on Equality in the locality.
It also implements awareness-raising, information and advisory activities on equal opportunities between men and women at both an internal level (the different areas and municipal staff) and external (citizens, associations and groups). This service promotes the application of the right to
Equal Opportunities at a local level, by promoting actions to ensure that men and women can freely participate in the different areas of society, economics, politics, culture, business, sports, etc. In the same conditions of visibility, autonomy and responsibility. Its actions include those directed at facilitating
the reconciliation of work, personal and family life., and other activities to promote joint responsibility.

The work of the equality service is based on 4 key areas of intervention:
– Local governance and gender mainstreaming
– Violence against women
– Care, joint responsibility and reconciliation
– Empowerment of women, socio-political participation and changes in values.

Moreover, for any matter related to equality, you can also get in touch with the Association Andre Mari Emakume Taldea, who are doing valuable work in this area and organise numerous activities throughout the year. Also with the association Pil Pilean, a young, mixed and feminist group which, through activities, protest campaigns and other actions, aims to raise the awareness and inform young people
and people in general of the importance of fighting for an equal society. You can contact them through the Equality Service.

Phone numbers and resources in the event of violence against women:
For any sign of violence against women or sexist aggressions, you can request assistance
from the following services:
– Emergencies or urgent situations: 112 SOS Navarra
– Service of Court Officials of Huarte: 948 333 552- 609 409 383
– Free phone for assistance for gender violence 016
– Service to provide Assistance to Crime Victims in Navarra:

  • Guidance and Assistance to victims
  • Open from Mondays to Fridays: 9:00 to 14:00
  • Phone: 848 42 33 76/ 848 42 13 87/ 848 42 76 71
  • Office: Palace of Justice of Pamplona, address: Plaza de Juez Elio no 1, planta baja.

– Service for legal assistance to women (SAM)

  • Service for immediate assistance: Access through 112 SOS Navarra, 24 hours a day, every day of the year.
  • Generalised Legal Advice Service: through a request for a prior appointment with the Teams offering a Comprehensive Assistance to Victims of gender violence. Phones: 948 00 49 52 y
    948 00 49 53

– Service to provide comprehensive assistance to victims of gender violence (EAIV)

  • Contact: 948 00 49 52 y 948 00 49 53/ eaiv.comarca@pauma.es

– Municipal Association of Social Services of Huarte and Esteribar:

  • Contact: 94 333 223 admon@mssbhuarteyesteribar.org

Office hours: from monday to friday for 8:30 to 14:00
San Juan square, 1 (Town Hall)
Huarte (NAVARRA)
Telephone: 948 33 07 61
mail: berdintasuna.igualdad@huarte.es

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