The different municipal areas work on equality, and chase detecting and correcting discrimination mechanisms that make difficult the access of men and women in every aspect of life (education, social wellness, health, employment, etc.).

Promoting the equality between men and women in the village means to develop and evaluate Equality Plans, planning measures and strategies to eliminate the discriminations between men and women, carrying campaigns to make the citizens aware of the problem and change discriminatory attitudes and sexist stereotypes, and assisting the public administration, the social agents, the enterprises, NGOs, and every inhabitant required, in the aspect of equality.

Also related to Equality, in Huarte you can bring you children to the Toy Library Service (for ages between 5 and 12), where urban camps for children between the ages from 3 to 12 are managed, as a service of familiar and laborer conciliation. You can also use the Bebeteca service (directed to children between the ages of 0 and 5, self-managed by parents, wher children must be accompanied by an adult person). For further information about these services, you can get in touch to the Social Services.


In addition, for any topic related to equality, you can get in touch also with the Women Association ANDRE MARI EMAKUME TALDEA (andremari.emakumetaldea@gmail.com) who develop an important work on this area and organize many activities along the year (you can get in touch with them through the Culture Area).


Remember that in case of aggression you can go to the people who work in Social Services of the City Council, 948 333 223, so that you can be defended and required action may be applied. You can also get in touch with the Gender Violence Victims Assistance Office (in Pamplona) 848 42 33 76 or 848 42 76 71. Another option is to call 016, where you can be attended for free in more than 51 different languages.

For any emergency situation, you must call 112.

Address: Ayuntamiento. Plaza San Juan 1, 1º

CP 31620 Huarte (NAVARRA)

Telephone: 948 33 07 61